HARANA Scholastic Package


This educational package is an essential addition to school libraries of all levels. Perfectly suited for education professionals focusing on Asian American Studies, Philippine Traditional Culture, Music & History, Filipino-American Studies, and World Music/Ethnomusicology.

HARANA Scholastic includes the following:

– Rights to screen the movie multiple times in classrooms and lecture settings

– Access to online streaming of the full movie (for laptops, desktops, and mobile devices)

– 1 High-definition Blu-ray exhibition copy for theater screening

– 1 HARANA Movie DVD with featurettes and commentaries

– 1 Introducing the Harana Kings CD – the album recording that resulted from the search for practitioners.

– Articles and personal research findings on harana custom and its music by Florante Aguilar

– A Discussion Guide by Dr. Ramon Silvestre, PhD Anthropology, geared for the middle school, high school and university levels

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