Introducing THE HARANA KINGS (CD) Aguilar, Alonzo, Aniel and Bergunio


Introducing the Harana Kings is the result of Florante Aguilar’s search for haranistas as chronicled in the documentary film HARANA. They represent the truest practitioners of the vanished custom of Filipino serenading when men sang underneath the window at night to introduce themselves to a maiden. About fifty years ago, Felipe Alonzo, Celestino Aniel and Romeo Bergunio were active participants of this once-popular courtship ritual and are among its last surviving practitioners.


Florante Aguilar, classical guitar
Felipe Alonzo, vocals and steel string guitar
Celestino Aniel, vocals
Romeo Bergunio, vocals

Special guest Michael Dadap, classical guitar
with Chus Alonso (laud), Sage Baggott (percussion) & Greg Kehret (bass)

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