Boss RC-300 Loop Station 3-track


I have tried different loopers for live performances like DigiTech Jamman and other Boss models –  and found them underwhelming for my purposes. They are sufficient if say, you’re in a band and you only need to loop one section of the song to solo over it. But if you’re a solo performer and you want to loop  a song that has a verse, a bridge and a chorus, you need to have 3 pedals that can loop  each section and invoke them at command. The Boss RC-300 is the only one that addresses this need.

I use a combination of live looping and pre-recorded loops and assign each section to a pedal. You can set it up so that a tap on the assigned pedal will play only the section you need. I also like to use it as practice tool to improvise over a backing track. You can use a condenser mic (XLR wit phantom power) or Direct Input.

Other features that I hardly use but you might find useful:

  • Onboard effects such as reverb chorus and delay (admittedly, not its the best feature)
  • Import/export sound files (wav, flac, mp3, etc) and can connect to computer using USB
  • Built-in drum rhythms
  • Stereo output, eg. one instrument on the left, another on the right, without using mixer

Here’s a good example of its use – (Kawehi)