Fishman Matrix Infinity Mic Blend Acoustic Pickup – Narrow Saddle


I have this installed on two of my  guitars  (Cordoba Solista Flamenca and Fontanilla) for live performances. This pick-up allows you to choose between using the under-saddle pick-up or the condenser mic by the sound hole. Or, as the name suggests, use them both to find your desired blend. I find that the combo blend is ideal for outdoor performances (for indoor, I use condenser mics).  I also  don’t have to worry about feedback, and I like that I have control of the volume and intonation in real-time, which is really helpful in an unpredictable outdoor environment. Most importantly, it sounds surprisingly natural without sacrificing volume.

Caveat, you have to be willing to bore a hole in the butt of the guitar to install the pick-up. So, you might want to do it on your secondary guitar and not your $10k Kohno!  Additionally, you need to have it installed professionally. But you’ll be surprised at the sound and convenience. Pair it with an excellent guitar amp like AER Compact 60 that is DI’d out to the front-of-house and you’re golden.